Terms and Conditions


This text defines the general terms and conditions of shopping on our website www.mdesign.rs


M design brand reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, depending on the availability of items in the stock, services and/or law. The Buyer must check the terms and conditions regarding our business, prior to making the purchase. The Buyer confirms that he or she read the terms and conditions, by making the purchase.

An order cannot be cancelled or changed before both Buyer and Seller reach an agreement. Ordered item(s) can only be cancelled before the item is shipped.

The Buyer agrees that he or she will follow the steps in the process of ordering the product:

                1. Choosing a product or multiple products

2. Choosing the right variation (size, color, price, amount, etc.) of the product

3. Filling the correct data for shipping

4. Checking the validity of all entered data and ordered product(s) and accepting the order, as well as terms and conditions

5. Finalization of the order

6. Paying via the selected method for payment

7. Agreeing with the shipping method and time for delivery

8. Receiving the product and checking for the damages


All product photographs have a correct declaration, colors and patterns as the original. Some of the shades or surfaces on the original product may differ (maximum of 5%) from the photograph. That does not mean that the product is faulty. Each product is handmade and limited to one item per product.


The Buyer has an obligation to provide the correct information for shipping (name and last name, full address, product size, model and amount) to the Seller. If the Buyer fails to provide the correct information for shipping, the Seller is not responsible for the problems created in the process of shipping and delivery, including the damages of the product.

The Seller has an obligation to notify the Buyer via email that the order has been processed. The email must contain the following – product name, price of each product (if multiple products are ordered), total price, chosen payment and shipping method, as well as the information Buyer entered for shipping.

The Seller has an obligation to make all the necessary preparations and ship the product(s) within 3 work days, from the day the order is received, unless the Buyer requests a more convenient time for shipping. If the shipping must be delayed, due to holidays or weekend, the Seller must inform the Buyer of the situation within 3 work days, from the day of the order.

The deadline of 3 days for shipping is not applicable to custom orders and/or special requests made by the Buyer and the deadline is prolonged by an amount of time specified by the Seller.

The Seller is not responsible for any additional expenses due to delay in the delivery process. If the order is not picked up by the time specified by the local courier, the product(s) can be returned to the Seller and the Buyer must pay the double shipping.

After the order has been received, the Buyer must check the quality of the delivered product(s), as well as search for any damages.

If the package has obvious damages made in the transport, the Buyer is in obligation to check the package in the presence of an official person. 

4. RMA

The Seller is not responsible for the wrong choice of the product made by the Buyer. The Buyer must be informed about all products’ descriptions, as well as the terms and conditions defined by the Seller. The Seller is not responsible for the damages made during the transport. The Seller must protect the product before shipping.


Any information received from the Buyer is considered confidential and cannot be distributed to third part, nor used in any other purposes, except for the shipping of the ordered product(s) and communication with M design. M design reserves the right to use the Buyer’s personal information accordingly, if it is required by the law, or the Buyer has broken the rules of terms and conditions.

For any legal disputes between the Seller and the Buyer, the the court in Belgrade has jurisdiction.

In case some of the terms are not clear, you wish to make a general inquiry, make a complaint or give an advice, please contact us at office@mdesign.rs and we will reply to you as soon as possible.